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Welcome to Krystalline Gems' 

Swap Program is still in the planning stage.  Do check back with us to find out more during your next visit.  Thank you for visiting.

But before you go.....

The idea is to get interested parties to join our "Swap Program" where they can swap rock and mineral specimens, beads, center pieces, etc., with what we and others may have in order to save, to get fresh ideas and new pieces without spending a lot of money, and just for fun....

Do you enjoy creating your own designs?  Don't you sometimes wish that you had that "special" bead?  Tell us about it and we will try to source it for you.  If we do not have it, we can help you find other websites (Links) that may carry those special pieces. We will inform members of our "Swap Program" and you can contact each other.

Tell us what you think of the "Swap Program" and what can/should be done to help all of us.


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